Nordic Youth in Sustainable CommunitiesNordic Youth in Sustainable CommunitiesNordic Youth in Sustainable Communities
Nordic Youth in Sustainable CommunitiesNordic Youth in Sustainable Communities

Nordic youth camp 2022: Rethinking Kalmar* with inclusive communities, democracy, and Nordic collaboration!

Are you curious about inclusive communities, democracy, and how you can start making or expanding your own Nordic community? And do you want to meet young people from all the Nordic countries a weekend in Norway? Then join the youth camp the 6-8th of May on Utøya in Norway!

This year’s theme is inclusive communities and democracy – or more specifically, how more inclusive communities can contribute to strengthen both your local community and on long term democracy as a whole. The borders are open again, so we hope that you would like to join this Nordic democracy festival!

With your own organization or network as a starting point, you can learn more about how you can expand your community/organization, so more people can become a part of it. On the long term it’s a part of the recipe for how we strengthen the dialogue, the democracy, and the trust in each other.

During the camp, we will also dig into the consequences of what can happen when someone is left outside communities. Whether it ends in loneliness, lack of mental well-being or the development of extreme, antidemocratic opinions. With the history of Utøya as a starting point, we will look into the most extreme cases, which results in threats against the democracy, and we will investigate how stronger, more inclusive communities and representation can be a way to avoid the development of ‘outsideness’ and at the same time strengthen the democracy.

Why should you participate? And what will you achieve?

  • Kick-start or expand your own Nordic community
    • You will get more knowledge about the theme democracy and inclusive communities, including:
      • How to include minorities and other groups that your organizations/network would like to integrate in your community through methods to make inclusive communities
    • And at the same time counteracting (e.g. loneliness or antidemocratic opinions):
      • The importance of the role of youth in the development of society
      • How extreme opinions and exclusion can challenge democracy and what to do to avoid it
      • The event is a Nordic meeting point for youth engaged in society – here you can make new friends and get knowledge about the other Nordic countries
  • You will get skills in Nordic collaboration
    • Methods in inclusive communities
    • Plus a paper with an overview of Nordic funding opportunities if you want to expand your community with other Nordic countries

NB! Detailed program and more information will come later. You can find the Facebook-event page here.


How can I join?
It's no longer possible to apply. Deadline was the 28th of March.


*=The Kalmar Union is the name of the Nordic Union that Margrethe the first established around year 1400. It lasted for more than 100 years. Today, the Nordic countries consist of independent countries. Now it’s time to gather across the countries and rethink the Nordic collaboration and strengthen communities and democracy!




Where and when?


The youth training will take place on Utøya, Norway the 6th - 8th of May 2022.

You will have to apply to participate. The recruitment is open now - apply through your national youth council (see list below).

NB! Be aware that you are expected to participate in the entire event. Most participants will have to travel in the morning on Friday the 6th and most people will be home again late evening on the 8th of May.


The event is totally FREE and the project covers your travel and accommodation.

Who can participate?

Young people between 18 and 30 years of age from all over the Nordic countries can participate. You can either be part of a self-organised youth group, a youth association, as a single individual or together with a friend. It's great if you have an idea already, but it is not a requirement to attend the training.

The youth training is without charge, and you apply for a spot via your national youth council.

How do I participate?

You apply through the national youth council in your home country.

Below, you will find an overview of which organization to apply through depending on which country you come from:

Denmark or Greenland: DUF - Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd

If you are from Denmark, apply here.

Norway: LNU - Landsrådet for Norges barne- og ungdomsorganisasjoner

If you are from Norway, apply here.

Sweden: LSU - Landsrådet för Sveriges ungdomsorganisationer

If you are from Sweden, apply here.

Iceland: LUF - Landssamband ungmennafélaga, apply through

Finland and Åland: Allianssi

If you are from Finland or Åland, apply here.

Greenland: SORLAK

If you are from Greenland, apply through

Faroe Islands: FUR - Føroya Ungdómsráð

If you are from Faroe Islands, apply through