Nordic Youth in Sustainable CommunitiesNordic Youth in Sustainable CommunitiesNordic Youth in Sustainable Communities
Nordic Youth in Sustainable CommunitiesNordic Youth in Sustainable Communities

The Nordic Youth Pool is closed!

The pool will open again in the spring 2022

If you have any questions, you can contact the secretariat at

The pool

Do you have a good idea for an activity, which includes young people from at least two Nordic countries?

Perhaps you want to go for an exchange at a partner-organisation in a different Nordic country? Or perhaps you and your friends from school want to create a project with some other youngsters from another Nordic country? Or perhaps you want to participte because of a completely different reason? Regardless, you are welcome to apply to The Nordic Youth Pool, to move your plan from an idea to a real project!

The pool aims at creating sustainable communities between young people in the Nordics. The pool supports activities that are planned by and for young people from different Nordic countries.

You can read more about requirements and award criteria in the pool's guidelines, available below.

You can apply for the pool at the bottom of this page when the pool is open.

Who can apply?

All youth associations and self-organized youth groups, structured around democratic values, in voluntary settings and with a homestead in the Nordics, can apply for the pool. To apply, there should also be young participants from at least two Nordic countries.

The activities granted funding must be arranged by and for young people, between 16-30 years old.


In 2021, there are two deadlines:

Tuesday the 6th of April 2021. If you apply at this date, your activity can be conducted from the 10th of May and one year forward.

Tuesday the 26th of October 2021. If you apply at this date, your activity can be conducted from the 15th of December 2021 and until the 30th of October 2022.


You can read the pool guidlines, adopted on the 28th of October 2020, here:


You can also find instructions for the guidelines, to help with your application, here:


What can you apply for?

The pool supports activities that contributes to the creation of sustainable communities between youth in the Nordic countries. You choose the theme for your project or activity and, as long as it follows the guidlines of the pool, you can freely choose what kind of activity you want to plan. The activity can be a weekend-seminar, a one-day activity, a summer camp or a virtual conference. You can read award criteria in the guidelines to get a fuller picture.

You should also consider how your activity contributes to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals.


If you are looking for more inspiration, need help with finding a partner in another Nordic country, or help with your application, you can:

1) Video instructions: we have produced two videos to help with your application. The first, is specifically about the application process. The second, is specifically about some dilemmas and points of consideration that may be worth to consider as you apply.

2) Written instructions: there are instructions for the guidelines above.

3) Inspiration, networking and guidance: you can participate in the annual yout training on the Youth Island (read more under 'Youth training')

4) Network and feedback: you can be part of NUBF's Facebook-group. Here you can introduce your idea, receive feedback, advice, and look for partners. Send a message to Nelly Eckegren, who works with NUBF, at to join!

5) Contact the NUBF-team: If you still have questions, you are more than welcome to contact the people of NUBF. Read more under 'Contact'.

Have you received grants?

If you have received grants from the Nordic Youth Pool you should send us a report on how the funds have been used at the latest one month after finishing the activity.

The report consists of a reporting, which you download, fill in, and send to with on CC. Remember to note your project's number.

Please also send us some pictures, video clips and/or a short text about your activity.

The grants committee


Nicholas Kujala, UNR, president of the grants committee

Iman Djelloul, LSU

Martin Flindt Nielsen, DUF

Aleksi Murtojärvi, Allianssi

Bogi J. Petersen, FUR

Margeret Bjørge Katanasho, LNU

Sylvía Martinsdóttir, LUF

Who decide which applications should receive grants?

The grants committee of the Nordic Youth Pool decides which applications should be given grants, based on the pool's guidelines and with specific consideration to § 4: award criteria.

The grants committee consists of 7 members, all under the age of 30. They are responsible for granting applications in the Nordic Youth Pool. Five members of the committee come from each of the independent Nordic countries' national youth councils (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). One each year comes from a youth council of the self-governing areas, rotating the responsibility each year (Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland). The last member comes from the presidium of the Nordic Youth Council (UNR).